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Frequently Asked Questions about our property management division

What is our Service Area ?

Primarily Northeast Jackson, South Madison County, and the Ross Barnett Reservoir area

What type property do we manage?

Residential, mostly upscale single family homes.

What does the tenant procurement process involve?

Prospective Tenants submit a detailed application. A Credit report is pulled for every applicant before they are approved. Rental history is verified with personal phone calls.

What paperwork does property management involve?

A check and income and expense statement is mailed (or direct deposited) to the property owner each month. Documentation for all expenses is included with the Operating Statement.

How often are properties inspected?

Cursory inspections performed as needed, or when a tenant reports a problem.

Who handles maintenance?

We use plumbers, HVAC service personnel, and other regular service people we know and trust. We contact owners regarding expenditures over $250. You should be considered as Active (not Passive) in Management by the IRS

How do you handle marketing to find tenants?

With our extensive experience and network of managed properties we get many referrals from tenants and people in the real estate business. Our website, averages over 5000 unique visitors per month and is constantly updated. Website visitors have the opportunity to select "Notify Me" on the home page for updates on properties that meet their needs. Art is a long-time member of Jackson MLS and rentals are listed there. Available properties are listed on our Blog, and Craigslist also.   We have our own YouTube channel, Facebook page and also have started a Twitter account.  Each property will receive these social media promotions.

 What about Taxes and Insurance?

You should pay your own property tax and insurance, unless agreed otherwise. Rental income is reported according to IRS regulations. Art Minton Realty LLC should be named as property manager on your fire and hazard insurance policy, at no additional cost to you.

Who is Art Minton Realty LLC?

Art Minton has practiced residential real estate full time since 1986 and owns rental property.  P.O. Box 16294, Jackson, MS 39236-6294 601-966-6699

 Art & daughter Xenia
Art & daughter Xenia